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KS2027 Jack Pad Adapter

  • Prevent your frame rails from bending when using a Jack to lift your car. Soft rubber surface, do not scratch painted or coated chassis parts. It is used to avoid scratching the car body when jacking up the vehicle.
  • Durable rubber construction, medium size provides more cushion and crush resistance.
  • Fits most Jacks and vehicles, please verify dimensions and ensure fitment to your vehicle.
  • This item protects the interference part of the lower part of the car body. When jacking up, this item prevents damage to the bottom of the car body. This item will not damage the jack point.
  • Length:2.44" / 6.2 cm
  • Hight:1.97" / 5 cm
  • Width:1.69" / 4.3 cm
  • Groove depth:0.67" / 1.7 cm

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